Theme: “Explore The New Inventions In Pharmaceutical Sciences”

Pharmaceutical conferences 2022

Pharmaceutical conferences 2022

I am honoured and delighted to welcome you to the 2nd World congress on Pharmaceutics, Formulations & Novel Drug Delivery Systems going to be held during February 20-21, 2023 Rome, Italy by conference series. The objective is to significantly treat diseases, more importantly to improve the quality of life and exhibit a fair to assure you a product’s quality expecting many ideas as a platform to emerge at the interfaces between disciplines aiming to solve the major problems relating to the health and wellbeing of humanity.



On behalf of organizing committee of   PHARMACEUTICAL CONFERENCES 2023  we welcome all the speakers and delegates from around the world to join us to the line-up for the conference of 2nd World congress on Pharmaceutics, Formulations & Novel Drug Delivery Systems to be held on February 20-21, 2023 Rome,Italy.We are typically organizing this conference to present a more capitalist lookout to researchers,academics, pharmaceutical companies, and health professionals, students, to come together, to learn, evolve, discuss, share and get an idea of the various advances that best reflect  to “Explore The New Inventions  In Pharmaceutical  Sciences”.  



Track 1: Pharmaceutical Sciences: Academic and Industry Overview

A pharmaceutical science combines with a Wide range of scientific disciplines that involves with the designing, delivery, action, disposition and use of drugs. This field connected with many areas of the basic and applied sciences such as chemistry, biology, epidemiology, statistics, chemo metrics, mathematics, physics and chemical engineering and applies their principles to the study of drugs.

Track 2: Pharmaceutical Research & Development

The federal dominance of the quantity of personal defrayment on R&D through programs like health care that surges the demand for prescribed drugs, through policies like defrayment for basic analysis and rules on what should be incontestable in clinical trials that have an effect on the availability of latest medicine, and through policies like recommendations for vaccines that have an effect on each offer and demand.

The prominent pharm industry inclines compass 

Artificial intelligence (AI)

Additive manufacturing

Block chain

Other Industry 4.0 technologies.

Track 3: Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Pharmaceutical Chemistry is the Medicinal chemistry that deals with the study, identification, and synthesis of the metabolic products of the drugs and its related compounds. Drug those may be natural or synthetic or both are the chemicals that used for medicinal purposes. They interact with the complex chemical systems of humans or animals.

Medicinal chemistry is the chemistry in discipline of concerned with the designing, development and synthesis of pharmaceutical drugs.

Track4: Pharmacognosy and Photochemistry

Pharmacognosy outlined as the study of the physical, chemical, organic chemistry and biological properties of medicine, drug substances of natural origin in addition the invention for novel medicine from natural sources. Phyto-chemistry is sub-fields of botany and chemistry. The Drugs from natural sources can be obtained by the help of following methods like Computational chemistry, Medicinal chemistry, Molecular drug design, Protein structure prediction, molecular simulation, and exploratory development and Biochemistry.

Track 5: Drug Discovery, Design & Development: Challenges and Approaches

Drug Discovery changes with the change in the dosages and the compounds interactions .It involves the wide spectrum of scientific disciplines including biology, chemistry, pharmacognosy, medicinal chemistry and pharmacology.

Drug design often is the design of such molecules that are similar to the bio molecular target site in shape and charge in order to bind to it. Drug designing is the inventive process in finding of new medications based on the knowledge of the biological targets. The process of bringing a new pharmaceutical drug into market once a lead compound has been identified through the process of drug discovery is called drug development and research related to this drug development is called drug development research.

Track 6: Innovations in Drug Development

Innovation is going on across the life sciences, once these innovations area unit combined with the growing influence of shoppers targeted on their well-being, the long run of pharmacy are radically completely different. These dynamics  produce exciting tension for pharmacy firms and pharmacists as they dialogue a way to win in today’s market whereas coming up with, adapting and investment for the long run.

Track 7: Advanced Drug Delivery Systems

Advance drug delivery systems (DDS) improve the authority and potency of pharmaceutical compounds including antibodies, peptides, vaccines, drugs and enzymes, among others. Operating drugs locally rather than integrally affecting the whole body is a common way to decrease side effects and drug toxicity while maximizing a treatment’s impact. 

Track 8: Drug Safety

The study of the attainment and culmination of drugs in large numbers of people providing an estimate of the probability of beneficial effects such as risk assessment, risk management and medication error by prevention of a drug in a population acting as a bridge of science spanning for both clinical pharmacology and epidemiology.

Track 9: Pharmaceutical Analysis

Pharmaceutical analysis is a practical chemistry that involve a series of steps like process of identification, determination, quantification and purification of a chemical components, separation of the components of a solution, or study of structure of chemical compounds. Improving new regulations and adapting to the technology regulatory affairs set new goals and challenges to the pharmaceutical formulation.

Track 10: Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing

Synthesis of pharmaceutical medication as a part of the pharmaceutical trade. The method of drug producing is weakened into a series of unit operations, such as Milling, Granulation, Coating, Tablet pressing.

Pharmaceutical filling machines accomplish the fashionable pharmaceutical producing method. Syringe filling instrumentation is accustomed for giant scale filling and guarantees sterility and allocation of correct volume range of pharmaceutical filling equipage streamlines the pharmaceutical producing method.

Pharmaceutical Packaging – Primary & Secondary

  • The packaging is to be done by considering the below factors 
  • The degree of protection required
  • Compatibility with the dosage form
  • Customer convenience e.g. size, weight of dosage form
  • Filling method
  • Sterilization method to be employed and cost

Track 11: Industrial & Physical Pharmacy

Industrial pharmacy is an industrial discipline involves in manufacturing of drugs, drug development, marketing and distribution including QA and QC of these drugs. The researchers focussing on current issues in pharmaceutical industry, problem-solving for Paediatric medicines and nanotechnology manufacturing processes. Physical pharmacy is the branch of pharmaceutical Sciences that focuses on the applications of physics and chemistry, includes the information of arithmetic and material science and science applies them to the pharmaceutical dose frame improvement and in vivo and in vitro activities of pharmaceutical dosage forms.

Track 12: Nano-technology In Pharmaceuticals

 Nanotechnology is the study of Nano structures. Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology deals with Nano particles or small structures like atoms, molecules the formation and development of structures which can be developed further into the special devices with specific properties and characteristics.

Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology is the science that with the approach of Nano science and Nano medicine to pharmacy in developing of  new drug delivery systems has played a very key role to overcome several drawbacks dosage forms.

This Science helps in improvises the low bioavailability, poor patient compliance, damage to healthy cells etc. Pharmaceutical nanotechnology provides opportunity to improve materials, medical devices and help to develop new technologies and overcome the limitations of conventional techniques. 

Track: 13 Nano medicine &  Biomedical Applications

Nano medicine is basically the nanotechnology applications in a medicinal services setting and most of advantages that have just been seen include the utilization of nanoparticles to improve the conduct of medication substances and in medication conveyance. Nanomedicine can possibly create radical new treatments dependent on a remarkable command over both intracellular procedures and the extracellular condition at the nanometre scale. To make exact answers for multifaceted therapeutic difficulties in the region of wound recuperating, tissue recovery and mitochondrial ailment physical scientists, medical doctors, and industrial partners, work closely in the Radboud Nano medicine Alliance.

Track 14: Pharmacuetical Microbiology

Pharmaceutical microbiology is a specialist branch of science that involves of microbiology which the science is concerned of use of micro-organisms in pharmaceutical production and development of a drug and maintaining the contamination control Drug safety is a major focus of pharmaceutical microbiology.

The field widely use in the pharmaceuticals because of the Drug products some are produced by microbes and in another the drugs were contaminated by the microbes to control the contamination and to maintain the drug safety the pharmaceutical microbiology helps and the key topics on this is discussed by various microbiologists and pharma analysis researchers in this world pharma congress.

Track 15: Pharmacology & Pharmacovigilance

Pharmacology has the potential to treat or forestall illness, cut back the venture some effects of pesticides, to find and distribute data to assist folks and animals lead longer, higher lives. The fore most vulnerable folks in our society also are those most in danger of medication issues.

Pharmacovigilance is that the science and venture regarding the detection, assessment, understanding and bar of adverse effects or the other medicine/vaccine connected downside. All medicines and vaccines bear rigorous testing for safety and affectivity through clinical trials before they're approved to be used.

Track 16: Radiopharmaceuticals & Biotherapy

Radiopharmaceuticals, as compared, will give additional specific and careful data concerning organ operate and metabolism. The radiation a patient receives from radiotracers is extremely low, non-invasive and regarded safe. Its emissions will be exactly detected, manufacturing pictures helpful for diagnostic functions. Imaging techniques,  like computerized axial tomography (CT), resonance imaging (MRI) and prenatal diagnosis, are capable of charting physiological operate and metabolic activity.

A strain of treatment that uses substances made of living organisms to treat malady. These substances could occur naturally within the body or is also created within the laboratory. In cancer, some biotherapies stimulate or suppress the system to assist the body fight cancer.

Track 17: CBD and Cannabinoids

Cannabinoids have a protracted history in medication given their therapeutic effects. However, thanks to their lyophilic nature, they're poorly absorbed by the gastrointestinal system that hinders their potential as medicine. The demand for cannabinoids (CBD) for health and health functions is high, thanks to its healing properties, that is that the major issue driving the market growth.

Track 18: Formulation Technologies

Formulation technologies involve developing or preparation of the drug that is each stable and acceptable to the patient. For orally administered decimation, this typically involves incorporating the drug into a pill or a capsule. It is necessary to form the variation that a pill contains heterogeneity of alternative doubtless inert substances except the drug itself, and studies got to be administered to confirm that the encapsulated drug is compatible with these alternative substances in a very approach that doesn't cause hurt, whether or not direct or indirect.

Track 19: Contract Formulation

 Pharmaceutical ingredients

(a) developed by PCCA entirely at the request, and for the profit, of:
(i) a selected Member/Customer or
(ii) a private doctor WHO may be a existent vendee from PCCA of medicament formulation ingredients (but isn't a member of PCCA)
(b) that PCCA doesn't have the correct to grant rights to any individual apart from such Member/Customer or individual doctor

Track 20: Regulatory Affairs
The restrictive affairs (RA) department of a company is chargeable for getting approval for brand new pharmaceutical merchandise and making certain that approval is maintained for as long because the company desires to stay the merchandise on the market. Hence, it is quite evident that regulatory affairs are crucial in navigating the course of product development product launches in the pharmaceutical sector.

Track 21: Performulation Studies

Preformulation may be a cluster of studies that specialize in the chemical science properties of a replacement drug candidate that would have an effect on the drug performance and also the development of a dose type. This might offer necessary data for formulation style or support the necessity for molecular modification. Objective of preformulation study is to develop the elegant, stable, effective and safe dose type by establishing kinetic rate profile, compatibility with the opposite ingredients and establish Physcio-chemical parameter of recent drug substances.

Track 22: Clinical Trials

•The arrange is rigorously designed to safeguard the health of the participants similarly as answer specific analysis queries. Trials will turn up in a very type of locations, like hospitals, universities, doctor’s offices or community clinics. The phases embody
• Lab Studies
• Human Safety
• Expended Safety
• Efficacy and Safety

Pharma Research Community

R&D Researchers from Pharma Industries

Directors Of Organizations

CEO's of Organizations

Business Development Managers

Chief Scientific Officers


Drug Delivery Entities

Medical Groups

Related Associations

Biomedical Device Industries

Medical Device Industries


The global prostate health market is projected to succeed in USD 48.9 billion by 2026, at a CAGR of 9.0% throughout the forecast amount. A number of outstanding players operational within the prostate health market area unit Eli Lilly and Company (US), Pfizer Inc. (US), Merk & Co., Inc. (US), GlaxoSmithKline plc. (UK), Abbott (US), and Astella’s pharmaceutical company opposition(Japan) and different players. Overall, we tend to expect pharmaceutical sales within the sixty biggest markets worldwide to extend by 4.6% in US dollar terms to regarding US$1.5tm. That’s regarding 0.5 the expansion rate seen in 2021, however still quicker than that seen in most of the previous decade. Very little marvel that several company corporations, having upgraded their 2021 earnings forecasts, area unit provision optimistic (if tentative) forecasts for 2022. The aim of the legislation, because of inherit result in 2023 if approved by national legislatures, is type of minimization that many company corporations have tried.


Alliance for the Prudent Use of Antibiotics (APUA)          

Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

Transatlantic task force on urgent antimicrobial resistance (TATFAR)       

Global Antibiotic Resistance Partnership (GARP)

Transatlantic task force on urgent antimicrobial resistance (TATFAR)       

Global Antibiotic Resistance Partnership (GARP)   

Infectious Diseases Society of America       

The World Alliance Against Antibiotic Resistance (WAAAR)       

Antibiotic Research UK (ANTRUK)

The Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA) 

Austrian Pharmaceutical Society (APS) 

Korean Research-based Pharmaceutical Industry Association (KRPIA)   

Kuwait Pharmaceutical Association (KPA)

Pharmacy and Drug Control 

The European Behavioural Pharmacology Society (EBPS)

British Pharmacological Society

American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP)    

American Pharmacists Association (APhA) 

Indian Society of Pharmacognosy


University Of Oxford

Monash University

Harvard University

University Of Cambridge

University Of Nottingham

University Of North Carolina, Chapel Hill


University Of California, San Francisco

Johns Hopkins University

Leiden University

National University Of Singapore (NUS)

The University Of Sydney

The University Of Tokyo

The University Of Manchester

University Of Copenhagen

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Conference Date August 25-26, 2022
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